ai personalization on steroids

imagine voice-activated, mobile shopping experiences
"Alexa, I need a pair of black pants".
"Siri, I need a dress to wear to the smith wedding"​.

patented human preference intelligence

simulating millions of data points into human-like, multi-dimensional sensory experiences
for 1 to 1 personalization + ai development
100's of brands
millions of individual product sensory profiles
millions of individual human
sensory profiles

 1 to1 sensory based personalization 


just one of many human preference intelligence applications
*preference shop 100's of brands
*sensory profiled by 1000's of data points

meet prefeye

built by apparel + tech experts


Cynthia knew there was a better way to digitally understand the sensory preferences of individual shoppers from years of designing & building apparel products for top U.S. retailers including an 8-year stint as a Nordstrom Design Director. 

Cameron, an MIT grad working on Bing at Microsoft was exploring entrepreneurial opportunities when Cameron responded to a

software developer ad Cynthia posted on Craigslist.  Four years and many iterations and A/B tests later...

Prefeye Ai is ready to rock digital shopping!


Humanize digital shopping!

Cross the sensory chasm between the physical and digital worlds.   


Preference match people to products they LOVE.  Through the filter of individual human preference.


Disrupting Forever How Humans Shop.


Our tech stack includes a live demo featuring the core of our patented technology. A java-powered ETL pipeline acquires and processes hundreds of brands with tens of thousands of products to produce millions of individual product sensory profiles. Our node.js frontend provides a custom and unique image map which allows users to self-curate with only a few clicks, instantly producing user-specific sensory profiles. The node.js api layer supports the frontend's various features, while also supplying entry points for custom integration with our recommendation engine. The platform uses plenty of straightforward, open-source components, keeping a fairly simple approach to showcase the raw power of our underlying algorithms.


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the story

After years of designing and building products globally for dozens of retailers and her own companies, Cynthia Holcomb knew there was a better way to shop online for clothes.

Of course, Cynthia knew!  After all, for years Cynthia spent her days engineering 1000's of products to match the sensory preferences of each retailer or brand's intended customer. Resulting in "Wow I love this dress"​ or "Wow these pants are perfect for me"​.

Over time, Cynthia came to understand, what mysterious force drove the decision to purchase?  Individual human preference.  Which in turn, inspired Cynthia to spend days and nights and years developing and testing "human to product... preference matching algorithms", which of course became Prefeye's patent-pending technology.


Portland and Seattle USA

cynthia holcomb

founder | ceo

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